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Expert Detailer’s Wife Goes Behind His Back With Father-In-Law (And Here’s Why)

October 12, 2021 | Vehicle Buff | by Michael Snyder

“My wife’s car looked like it came straight out of a showroom! That’s how I knew she went behind my back” - Martin C. Verified Purchase

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’d only left the house for 20 minutes… I came back, and my wife’s car was the shiniest I’d ever seen it!”

If you have a prized car you love to keep shiny but it takes you hours to clean, then you are wasting your time.

Professional car detailer Martin, the “Shine Surgeon” can attest to that...

Because Martin has been detailing cars for the last 20 years.

Reviving a car’s shine from classic Porsches, through to modern age Teslas.

But one thing’s for sure…

No matter what new detailing trick Martin came by, or “breakthrough” product he tested…

Nothing created a glass-like shine he was proud to show his clients, in under 3 hours.

He was so sure that achieving a high level of gloss and depth would always take half a day’s work.

Which meant that when Martin's doting wife, Sarah, wanted him to detail her own car…

He never had the time or energy!

So, Sarah’s white Mazda never had the pearlescent finish like when she first drove it out the showroom.

At least... that was until one day, when Martin headed out one afternoon. And came back to find a surprise waiting for him in the drive…

“I thought someone else had parked in my wife's spot,” Martin said. “It wasn’t until I looked at the number plate that I realized it was Sarah's car...”

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This 20-Minute Glass-Like Shine Is Every Detailer’s Dream Come True

Martin had only driven to the local store, just 10 minutes away…

But by the time he got home his wife’s white car - the same one she begged Martin to clean for weeks! - was parked in the drive, with a shine so deep he could see his own reflection.

“I hopped out my car without even picking up the groceries. I needed to know what was going on. When I asked Sarah what happened to her car she couldn’t even look at me.”

Martin saw a bottle hiding behind Sarah’s back and that’s when she said…

"Don’t be mad at me! Your dad made me do it!"

Confused, Martin picked up his phone and dialled his dad’s number.

That’s when he explained the whole thing...

The reason for Sarah’s glossy white car was all down to the single spray bottle he left in her handbag.

“My dad said he felt sorry for my wife. She was always complaining that I didn’t have time to detail her car and make it pretty. So, he did what any doting father-in-law would do.”

Ceramic Spray by Torque Detail… The First 20-Minute Car Cleaner That Seals In Shine For An Entire Year!

“I’d never heard of a do-it-yourself spray that could seal in shine for an entire year. I was so used to complicated ceramic wraps or buffing in waxes that would kill my back. But this spray bottle is something else... it's weirdly easy to use and gets the exact same effect.”
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Ceramic Spray by Torque Detail is a 20-minute car shine that keeps your car glossy for an entire year.

The Best Part About It?

This is how easy it is to apply…

All you do is spray it on a microfiber towel, buff it into your car’s exterior with zero effort and no risk of smearing…

And there! Just one coat and you’re done.

What Does “Shine Surgeon” Martin Craig Really Think About Ceramic Spray By Torque Detail?

“It was humiliating to think that my wife could achieve the same level of shine that usually takes me hours."

“She didn’t leave a single smear or water spot. I was impressed.”

“But… now I’ve used Ceramic Spray by Torque Detail myself, I’m not surprised. This stuff is the easiest sealant I’ve ever applied to a car before. And I’ve tried them all!”

“I even told my buddies at the detail shop and now they won’t use anything else on their client’s car’s either. It’s saved us a whole lotta time. I just cringe thinking back to all the time I wasted!”

“Unlike Anything I’ve Tried Before!”

Backed By Nano-technology: unlike other DIY sealants, just one application keeps your car’s showroom shine for an entire year.

Diamond-Like Silicon Dioxide: found in crystal quartz, this ceramic-based mineral fills your car’s microscopic pores to create a gloss that shines from all angles.

Rust-Repellent: never worry again about your car ageing as rust-inducing contaminants slide right off - just like wearing a rain jacket.

Smooth Gliding Application: professional-grade formula (based on 15+ years of expert detail knowledge) that outshines traditional waxes without the elbow grease.

The Best Place To Get Ceramic Spray By Torque Detail?

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And the biggest complaint customers make after buying Ceramic Spray by Torque Detail…

Is that they should have bought a bigger supply!

Because the more times you apply the 20-minute sealant to your car... the deeper the shine gets and the more it repels weather and chemical contaminants.

That's why clever car owners always have a backup supply ready and waiting in their garage.

So, Torque Detail has reduced the price of a single bottle of Ceramic Spray today by $20…

With even more generous discounts applied when you stock up on more than one!

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Worried You Can’t Achieve A Showroom Shine? You Are Covered By A 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Torque Detail’s winning formula was created by professional detailers. But they know that most car owners who try this product won't be an expert.

That’s why, they are so adamant that anyone can achieve a mirror-shine using Ceramic Spray by Torque Detail, that...

If you aren’t happy with your car's shine and protection after application... Torque Detail’s friendly customer support team will refund every single penny, no questions asked!

Why Other Ceramic Sealants Don’t Compare

Unfortunately, “ceramic” has become a buzzword within the detailing space. Because bonding ceramic (or silicon dioxide) with a car’s clear coat to create a protective, glass-like shine is crucial.

But it means that many brands offer sealants with minimal silicon dioxide, to cut costs. Leaving car owners across America disappointed...

Still having trouble removing bug guts from etching into their car paint... and finding that these “quick” sealants are no better than traditional wax!

Well, you can rest assured. Because Ceramic Spray by Torque Detail has been blended by America’s top detail professionals and biochemists. Creating a 20-minute glass-like shine in a bottle… that lasts up to a year with a single application!

It’s so easy to apply, with zero chance of horrible streaks or water spots, that even a kindergartener could use it!

Ceramic Spray by Torque Detail is formulated, packaged, and shipped from the United States.

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What Do Others Say About Torque Ceramic Spray?

“Looking Glass” Shine “Nice and easy to work with leaving a mirror like shine. I own a Ceramic Coatings company and I’m always looking for ways to provide a good product in a timely fashion. I look forward to working with your product and exceeding my customers expectations.” - Frank Ventura, Verified Customer

Showroom Shine “Hands-down the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do when detailing my car. Recently purchased a brand new car and tried the stuff out and it still has its lustrous brand new car showroom shine. This stuff is amazing. Don’t waste your money on anything else but this.” - Alexander M, Verified Customer

Easy and smooth “This stuff is great! So easy to apply and none of the stress of full ceramic, but with similar benefits. Where I live it frequently rains and after applying Mirror Shine this past weekend, the muck from the road didn't stick like usual!” - Jon Iwaoka, Verified Customer