5 Best High-Performance Sealants for Car Enthusiasts

Posted on January 4th, 2024 by Mike Halpern

We spent a few sunny days testing the likes of Meguiar’s, Chemical Guys, Top Coat and many other detailing brands. Here are the 5 best professional sealant products we found:


Designed as a wax replacement, Mirror Shine blew us away in terms of effectiveness and was our favorite sealant by far. It was fantastic at giving that natural wax finish - it was so much easier to apply than traditional wax; just spray on and rub into the surface, then buff. In addition, it gave that long lasting protection to our car’s coat (we’re on month 3 and it still repels water like crazy).

We were also happy to hear that Torque Detail is run by a former professional detailer and produced entirely in-house in Tampa, Florida. Through our research we found out that some brands use separate manufacturers, so they’re merely charging a mark-up. Finally, we love all the great reviews that Mirror Shine has earned, including one from us after the samples we received were put to the test!

Torque Detail only currently offers a few products, but they do offer a bundle deal; Get 3 Bottles for the Price of 2.

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[EDIT: The folks at Torque Detail are offering readers 15% off any purchase. CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE YOUR DISCOUNT.]


Hydrosilex is a car care company that has made a name for itself by producing a unique silica-based formula. The product is meant to be a temporary ceramic coating, with a much easier spray-on application. This silica-based Sio2 formula gives this Hydrosilex amazing hydrophobic qualities, but it doesn’t have quite as deep of a shine and versatility as Mirror Shine.

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Meguiar's was a family-owned car care business up until 2008, when it was purchased by 3M. Meguiar's has an extensive product line (you can find them in many retail stores) and this is a solid addition to their line. This product has a similar formula to Mirror Shine (a Polymer-based formula known for it’s hydrophobic capabilities). The downside is the application is quite messy (it’s not a spray-on formula) and must be essentially applied and fully buffed like traditional car wax.

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CarGuys is a relatively new entrant into the car care industry. Their products are predominately sold on Amazon and they’ve amassed a strong following there. Their Liquid Wax product advertises getting a wax shine with added synthetic protection from it’s polymer formula. We tried this product and got really solid results. The shine looked great and after a few weeks the coat still seemed very hydrophobic. The only downside is it’s liquid based formula, so it must be carefully applied, as opposed to a spray-on formula.

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Zaino has been in the car care industry for many years. The brand is strictly web-based and has been featured in some popular automotive magazines. Their Grand Finale product is a spray sealant and claims to give a high gloss, deep “wet” finish, thanks to it’s synthetic polymer formula.

We tested Z-8 and got really solid results. The shine looked great and after a few weeks the coat still seemed very much intact and continues to bead water. The only downside is it was a bit hard to apply it evenly, so they recommend diluting the solution if you have difficulty applying evenly.

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