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How One Professional Detailer Was Baffled By His Neighbor's Glass-Like Shine (And Here's What He Used)

January 4th, 2024 | Vehicle Buff | by Michael Snyder

"Immediately looked as though I had been polishing it with the buffer for hours..."
~ Darrell N. Verified Purchase

“I was humiliated. My neighbor paid me $200 to detail his car... then a week later I found out he re-did my work by himself... and did a better job!”

If you’re a car lover who can’t go a week without cleaning your car, then you need to hear about this revolutionary new detailing product car owners are saying is a “must-have.”

But first...

Meet Darrell Steinecker— the only man classic car owners trust.

Darrell Steinecker is a professional car detailer.

He’s been detailing classic cars for over 15 years.

His work has been seen at hundreds of car shows in the United States, with many of his followers calling him the “Detail Doctor.”

He’s polished and prepped every vehicle imaginable, from Corvettes to Lamborghinis to Ford trucks to rare classic cars.

Everything and anything that can be polished, Darrell is your man.

Darrell loves what he does so much, he would even detail his neighbors’ cars for a discount... and sometimes he would give his neighbor’s car a quick shine as a surprise without telling the owner.

That was until one day Darrell came home early from his detailing appointments and caught his neighbor cheating on him with a 1968 Barracuda...

“I couldn’t believe it,” Darrell said, “He paid me $200 to detail his car last week... then a week later I see him re-doing my work out in the open like I wouldn’t find out...”

See why thousands of serious car detailers are throwing out their old car wax for this new ceramic spray sealant that’s been formulated by a professional car detailer!
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Here's Why Car Detailers Are Ditching Ceramic Coatings

Darrell always thought of himself as a decent car detailer...

But when he found his neighbor re-polishing his 1968 Barracuda— the same Barracuda Darrell polished a week prior— Darrell began to question his skills...

“I remember thinking maybe my work wasn’t up to his standard. I felt a little betrayed,” Darrell laughed. “But maybe there was something I was missing. I had to find out.”

Darrell approached his neighbor who put up his hands and said...

"You caught me!"

Then after some explanation and apologizing and saying “it’s not you, it’s me,” Darrel’s neighbor finally gave up and walked into his garage...

He then walked back out holding a sleek spray bottle called Torque Ceramic Spray and said, “You’re amazing. I just needed a little more.”

What Is Torque Detail Ceramic Spray and Why Are Car Enthusiasts Loving It So Much?

“Others can leave a film... or they take forever to buff into the car, giving you a cramp. This is almost too easy and too fun... it’s honestly addicting to use.”
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How Do You Get Ceramic Spray?

1) Order Torque Ceramic Spray on the official website.

2) Enjoy a durable, glass-like shine in just minutes. Ships fast from Florda.

Torque's Ceramic Spray is a “detailer’s choice” for when it comes to getting a showroom shine plus a ceramic shield that protects your vehicle from contaminants and weather elements for up to 12 months!

The best part?

Unlike clumpy wax that requires more elbow-grease than anticipated, Torque Ceramic Spray goes on smooth and even... and rubs in fast with very little pressure.

What does classic car detailer, Darrell Steinecker think of it?

“Torque Ceramic Spray is the first ceramic sealant and protector that feels like it’s formulated by actual car detailers... folks that really know how car paint reacts to polish.”

“I’m old school. I use Collinite 845 and micro-fiber cloths... and then I take a few Advil at night to help with the elbow pain...

...but I’m changing to Torque Ceramic Spray because it actually shines better and it’s easier to rub in.

Plus I can detail a few more cars and earn more money because the process is much much faster than before.”

The 5-Point Ceramic Nanotech That Blows The Competition Out Of The Water

Patented Polymer Layer: gives your car the $300 “glass-like shine” at a fraction of the cost and in less time.

Hydrophobic Layer: repels water and snow without leaving grimy “water rings.”

Special Ceramic Bonding Layer: clear, smooth “ ceramic shield” that protects your vehicle from harmful external-elements for up to 12 months.*

Diamond Polish Layer: this is the “Torque Secret” that outshines the competition. It consists of a combination of professional-grade polishing ingredients that can produce a noticeably brighter shine than regular wax.

Non-Clogging Base Layer: smooth, “non-clogging,” and safe agent that binds together the entire formula for an even spray without the mess.

“Where can I buy Torque Ceramic Spray?”

As of right now, Torque Ceramic Spray is only available online and can be found on their official website. As you can imagine, with a product this good, the news has quickly spread within the various car communities. Long story short, Torque Ceramic Spray has been flying off the shelves... That’s why clever car owners that know a good deal when they see one are taking the opportunity to stock up on bottles of Torque Ceramic Spray knowing they are going to save the most money. With thousands of positive reviews online, it’s only time before Torque Ceramic Spray sells out of their current inventory... Keep in mind, Torque Ceramic Spray is difficult and expensive to make. In other words, once they sell out, it will take at least 30 days before they’re able to sell their inventory again. “It’s a price we pay,” says the owner of Torque, “but we only work in small batches because we’re not that big of a company, and ensures each bottle is top-notch quality.” SPECIAL UPDATE: all readers that come from this page can get 15% off their entire order plus FREE shipping!

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You Are Covered By A 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The owner of Torque wants to make one thing clear: if you are not satisfied with your purchase... if you do not receive the “glass-like shine” as promised... then Torque will refund your money, every single penny, with zero hard feelings.

Not All Ceramic Sealants Are Created Equal

Torque Ceramic Spray feels high quality in your hand as you spray it on your vehicle. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t clog or get messy like other sealants.

And if you’re worried if the sealant will hurt your car’s paint, have no fear. Torque Ceramic Spray safely binds to your vehicle’s paint protective layer without causing damage.

The owner of Torque Ceramic Spray is aware there are other sealants out there. However, many of these formulas are lacking the right measurements of polishing ingredients.

And you’re a smart car owner, so you’ve probably heard the horror stories of people getting their favorite car polished... only to find paint swirls and stains...

That’s why the owner of Torque Ceramic Spray teamed up with the nation’s top car experts, enthusiasts, and biochemists to create the perfectly balanced “wax vs. sealant” at-home car polishing & protection system that takes less than 30 minutes to apply...

...and is so addicting you may start shining other cars in your neighborhood.

Torque Ceramic Spray is formulated, packaged, and shipped from the United States.

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What Do Others Say About Torque Ceramic Spray?

"This is hands down the best stuff I have ever tried. I had the entire truck sprayed down and buffed in less than 30 minutes. Absolutely no haze and smudges are not an issue with this product. Most applications similar to this will leave a residue from finger prints. I am 100% satisfied with this product." - Alex S.

"This stuff is great, went on easily. My truck shines after and in the Florida sun it stayed shiny for over a month. Water beaded up when it rained and there were no water spots. My friends noticed the truck and bought some for their cars. You will not be disappointed in this product at all." - Jack W.

"Used this product for first time on my Cadillac CTS which is black. Nothing more beautiful than a shiny black ride. It's easy to apply and works pretty darn well. I'm very picky and am pleased with purchase." - Victor H.

"Goes on easy and quick and does a very good job of removing light road film and fingerprints. Comes off cleanly and leaves no residue. Leaves a shiny and very slippery finish. Sheds rain and snow very well. I have used a lot of different detailing sprays and this is one of the best!" - Robert S.